Monday, 24 October 2016

Empire of the Moghul # 1....Raiders From The North..By Alex Rutherford

Truly a Classic!!
This is the first of the series of Empire of the Moghul, which Classically represents their life and how India came to be ruled by them.
The first edition particularly focus on the life of Babur, his childhood contest with his father’s court and his enemies among the mighty forces of Shaibani Khan. It also tells us how he continuously tries and fails to capture Samarkand, a very old and beautiful city in Uzbekistan and his ancestral capital.
This book also features, how and why he abandons his home and head to conquer Hindustan via an extremely difficult terrain to lead an army against Lodi in the first battle of Paniput.
Its a first class book that will occupy your interest if you are willing to learn history in a new fashion. Although, the authenticity of this story is not entirely true, but the narration will spell bind you to believe it is.
It was actually written by two writers,  Diana Preston and her husband Michael Preston to be known together as Alex Rutherford. Their inspiration to write this book was purely based on their great love for India and the history it represents, which leads to a thorough research starting with Taj Mahal, into the complete Moghul dynasty, which is how they ended up writing this series that consists of 6 books showcasing Moghul lifestyle, elucidate in detail, the architectures of the most beautiful forts made during that period and illustrate the three greatest battle ever fought at Panipat.
I would say bravo on the recital of the story. Extremely appreciable character presentation and a promise of an adventure ride to the 16th century.
Add this book to your permanent collection if you are an enthusiast on digging the Medieval India.

Happy Reading!!!

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