Monday, 31 October 2016

Hell’s Corner…By David Baldacci

A thrilling story which gives you a mix of action, emotion, suspense and drama, but this time the adventure spice was not up to the mark.

This is the final of the Camel Club series, ie. the fifth in the sequel. 

Baldacci, no doubt has tried very hard to give a finale boom to this book and was successful in the attempt, however, I believe, a lot of stress was given to twist the plot after every few pages, which was very frustrating.

How a casual stroll at Lafayette Park, in front of the White House, changes Oliver Stone’s (John Carr) life, when a series of gun shots and bomb detonation takes place, which leads an investigation with him back at the center of all and his Camel Club buddies, all endangering their lives in order to solve the mystery.
There is no progress to catch the culprit behind this mess whatsoever, even after more than half of your reading is complete, which was exasperating. They continuously face one dead end after another without making much progress. Towards the end of the book, where Stone finally gets a crack on the problem, he is no where near the solution and we never get to know exactly how he did his psychoanalysis in the first place to reach there. Not to mention the end was pretty much predictable too.

The most striking thing I found about this book, was the negative character, I mean the person who was behind this all, about whom I am not going to reveal anything here, was very far ahead of the game already than the hero, which means Baldacci has made this character super brilliant. 
So, if you would like to read this book, please have a great deal of patience. And if you are willing to have that then you will find this book an adventure packed thriller, where you would never be able to guess who was behind it all.

Or if not, you can pick any of the other Baldacci novels, which is much more interesting and as always with a promise of Lots of Action.

Happy Reading!!!

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