Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Seven Sisters. By Lucinda Riley

I borrowed this book recently from the library and am so glad I did. 
A very interesting read and a touching story.

Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.. well, that’s true for most of the books. However, this one book I absolutely loved reading as it engrossed me till the end. This is a story about six sisters adopted by a wealthy Swiss man, who dies, not before letting them know of their past, from where they came from in a mysterious way. 
The oldest one..Maia, on whom most of the story revolves around..decides to pursue her past which leads her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she stumbles upon her ancestral letters of the one..Isabel, her great-grandmother’s life, love, marriage, family and sacrifices, learning about which changes her way of dealing with difficulties as well.
This story has tangled the lives of Isabel and Maia in a way that kept me on my toes.
The things that stuck me most about this book is:
1) The deep love of Isabel and Laurent, her care for her parents and the graceful way she represented her womanhood, even though tragic, made me wanna reach out and help her.
2) How the author kept a pace with Cristo - The Redeemer’s construction in Rio and the history, even though a fiction, made a great significance of its time.
3) Relationship of Maia and Floriano, an understanding and how it turns out to be a deep and meaningful one.
I came to know that it is actually the first of a series of seven books. The next one is The Storm Sister, which I am definitely gonna go for.
I do recommend this book to all the book lovers, if you wanna enjoy a ride back to the 20s, with an imagination of traveling to Montparnasse- Paris, Copacabana beach and mountains of Rio and an astounding Casa near Lake Geneva, Switzerland, where our story unfolds.
Happy Reading!!!!