Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Time Traveler’s Wife...By Audrey Niffenegger

This is an epic love story between two people from a completely different times, I mean literally. It is so impressive as to how Audrey has described a tale so confusing and inventive at the same time and laid out in front of us in a most spectacular way.

"It's hard being left behind. I wait for Henry, not knowing where he is, wondering if he's okay. It's hard to be the one who stays."
I am not sure how to give my opinion on this book without giving out a tad bit of spoiler. So, here goes...
This story is about Henry who has a genetic disorder that makes him travel in time. While doing this, he meets his wife, Clare in a period where she is just 6 years old. He is much too old and she is just a child, when she first meets her and soon befriends her, during the brief moments when he keeps popping up in her backyard.
But, when the younger version of Henry meets Clare for the first time, he is very surprised to learn that she has known him throughout her childhood and she is in love with him ever since.
The story keeps moving back and forth in time and takes a tragic turn when Clare realize that she has no choice but to be in love with a man whom she keeps losing in time. It was pretty calamitous for readers to learn that she gets pregnant with a child who has the same disorder and travels in time whilst inside her.
This is a kind of book that will keep you wondering how it should turn out in the end and I am sure at every turn you will be surprised, as how it actually turned out.
The plot turns out to be a little confusing to the readers, but it will surely keep you intrigued throughout.
If you are too impatient to read the book, you can always watch the movie, which has the same title. But I should warn you it will not be as much fun as to actually read it, as you will find the movie little dull as compared to the book and not as fascinating.
However, I would like to conclude by saying that the epilogue of both the book and the movie is both fabulous and very significant.
Happy Reading!!!

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