Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Naked Face .. By Sidney Sheldon

Let me present the very first novel of one of my favorite suspense thriller authors.

The book was released way back in 1970 and was later adapted as a movie in 1984. It is an awe-inspiring book with breathtaking twists in the plot and a page-turner mystery for sure, however, the ending could have been better as the crafting of the conclusion kind of drifted away after the suspense was revealed.

The story starts with the murder of a psychoanalyst, Dr. Judd Stevens' homosexual patient, followed by another horrific death of his clinic receptionist, leading to the realization that someone is actually trying to kill him. Two police agents, McGreavy and Frank Angeli treat him as a prime suspect, partly due to McGreavy's old personal grudge against Steven, because of his testimony in one of his previous cases that the suspect is mentally ill to go to jail. 

McGreavy does not believe that someone is trying very hard to kill Stevens and to prove his innocence to McGreavy and to gain the truth that he himself is not suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (Patient having delusions that someone are plotting to kill them), Stevens hire a private detective, who suggests him to closely study all his mental patients. This analysis leads to a psychological nail-biting thriller.

The most interesting part of the story is how a psychoanalyst's life gets entangled with and is affected by one of his patients and how he figures out which one.

I don't want to give away the ending, so I would conclude here and would suggest you all go and grab this enthralling novel written by the master of mystery.

Happy Reading!!!

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