Friday, 27 January 2017

The Sum of All Men .. By David Farland

Before I share my review on this book, that is the first of the series of The Runelords, let me introduce you all to the world that David Farland has created in this novel. 

It is another fantasy set in an ancient landscape where people have the power to borrow or seize a number of endowments, like brawn, beauty, eyesight, metabolism, wisdom etc. from other people. The recipients of these attributes would have enhanced abilities of the endowments. However, the giver will have diminished power of that attribute.

The synopsis of the story goes like this....

Gaborn Orden, the next King of Mystarria is headed to the kingdom of Heredon to ask the lovely Princess Iome for her hand in marriage. Castle Sylvarresta, however, is under attack by the evil Raj Ahten, the Runelord of all Runelords. With thousands of endowments taken from other men and women, he is invincible and takes over Castle Sylvarresta without a single drop of blood being shed. Gaborn, who is endowed with the Gift of the Earth and deemed to be the future king, can see through this ruthless man. Gaborn is destined to defeat Raj Ahten and the secret to doing that lies in the power of earth that he possess himself.

The good thing about this book is that it has a totally different concept about "Endowments" that have never been heard or used in any other novels before and the mystical characters and creatures are well created and unique.

However, to tell you the truth, I was reading this book to get it over with as soon as possible, as I had no idea before I started reading this book that it would turn out to be a total Drag. Throughout the read, I had to encourage myself to go on because it is not in my habit to leave a book unread.

This book is very bad in my view and I think is because it was very poorly executed and the protagonists had weak characterization and dialogues.

I am not going to read the other parts of this book for sure.

Very Disappointing read!!

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