Monday, 6 February 2017

Deception Point .. By Dan Brown

Please allow me to bring you the review of my favorite author's work and one of his masterpiece creation. I am truly enthralled by the way he captures his readers' attention right from the prologue itself and absolutely surprised why this story wasn't yet adapted as a movie.

Here goes the synopsis....

Trying to rally back from a series of embarrassing blunders that have jeopardized the US President's political career, NASA makes an astounding discovery: there is a meteor, embedded deep within the Arctic ice shelf. And it is not just any meteor. Inside the huge asteroid rock, which crashed into the earth in 1716, known to be the Jungersol Fall, contains fossils of giant bugs that gives proof of extraterrestrial life!!!!

Yet again, NASA's slipping reputation and the President's sudden rebound in the latest election campaign arises a new question: Is the Meteor real or fake?

Trying to determine the truth are NRO's Intelligence Agent, Rachel Sexton, who is the daughter of the Senator and Michael Tolland, famous Oceanographer and Corky Marlingson, a renowned Astrophysicist. Their doubts quickly make them the target of a mysterious death squad by unknown forces while the Nation is buzzing on the bewildering discovery and how that is going to impact the upcoming election.

It is indeed a rip-roaring page-turner action thriller that I love to read again and again. The rhythm of the book is so frantic and the plot of the essential conspiracy of Dan Brown's books for me is one of the best.

It's been ten years since I first read this book and after reading so many other novels after that, it is still on my top five list. Not only an entertaining 24-hour plot spin with audacious takeovers but uncover superb scientifically interesting information about space and technologies.

I am sure that most of the book-lovers have already perused this book at least once, if not then I am not sure what is stopping you guys?!

Watch this space for more on the author of the Da Vinci Code in my upcoming blogs and get ready for my takes on Professor Robert Langdon's series as well.

Happy Reading!!!

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