Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Beach .. By Alex Garland

This is a travel fiction book released in 1996 by an English writer Alex Garland. It is a genius creation in a very simplistic and straightforward first-hand narration of a lone traveler from England.

The narrator of the book is Richard, a young backpacker who gets a map at Bangkok from another traveler with directions to an uninhabited and inaccessible beach, located in the Gulf of Thailand. He sets off to find this beautiful and untouched location along with a French couple.

What comes next is an exciting and haunting surprise to the trio at their destination that I will not be revealing here. But I would like to add a bit more on how I personally feel about this book. It is an absolute vacation read with dark psychology and extraordinaire story.

I am not sure if I particularly liked the ending of this book as it turned out to be very abrupt, but all-in-all the book is terrific and I recommend this to each and every one of you.

It is also adapted as a movie, which I haven't watched yet, but got to know that Richard's character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, the shooting of this film took place at Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi Lee in Thailand, that I have already visited and so can tell that it indeed is a paradise location as mentioned in the book.

Go for this gripping tale of adventure in the lands of white sand and blue water.

Happy Reading!!!

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