Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Foundation .. By Issac Asimov

Another popular Science Fiction novel which won the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Series in 1966. This book is about the people living in a Galactic Empire and a mathematician among them, who studies psychohistory, predicts the doom of the entire Galaxy using psychoanalysis.

The novel contains several story lines starting from a planet called Trantor, the empire's capital, where Hari Seldon openly predicts that the Galactic Empire is about to crumble and requests the Foundation be established to create the Encyclopedia Galactica, which can greatly reduce the period of dark days to follow the collapse to as few as 1000 years and in turn, he and his mathematicians are sent to exile into a remote planet of the galaxy where they are allowed to document their scientific knowledge as encyclopedias.

Over the decades of its existence, the foundation, located in the Empire's periphery, enters a series of so-called Seldon crisis' and solutions. The solutions revolve around technology, religion, and trade and emphasizing the strategies not only that would be used in this far future, but also those techniques relied upon throughout human history to control lands and people.

To give you my review on this book, I would say that I did not like this book as much as I liked the concept of it. It was written in the 60s and I believe any science fiction written is bound to capture the interest of the readers during those times, however, I am not sure if this book should be read now when many such sci-fi novels have evolved during the last century or so and with much better concepts.

A bit dry for my taste, but please let me know your comments on this book below.

Happy Reading!!!

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