Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Mayan Prophecy # 1 .. By Steve Alten

This is the first book of the Mayan Trilogy created by Steve Alten based on the well-known prophecy of Mayan Calendar that tells us that the world was supposed to end on 21 Dec 2012.

Ironically, this book was published in 2001 and I read this book last year, long after the 2012-world-ending fuss was over. However, I still found this book intriguing and entertaining because it has a well-researched plot and the author captures the interest of the reader till the end.

The story is of an archeologist, Julius Gabrial, who uncovers startling discoveries about the Mayan Calendar, that is a 2500-year-old enigma, which predicts the end of humanity off the face of the earth.

He connects the dots between the meaning of the ancient sites placed by the Mayan people in various locations around the Globe, linked to the salvation of our species. These sites include the Stone Henge, the Egyptian Pyramids etc.

Only Julius's son, Michael Gabriel, can decipher this puzzle passed along by his father in the form of a journal. However, he is incapable of any action, as he is locked in an asylum where he has been wrongly incarcerated for the past eleven years. As the calendar is ticking down to the date of the winter solstice, Michael has only a few days left to stop the strange phenomena starting to appear all around the world.

Although the concept wasn't new, the story was quite fascinating with a combination of few facts and fiction. However, there were some loose ends to the story that seemed pretty far-fetched in my opinion. The story started with a doomsday fashion but went on to places I did not expect or particularly enjoy.

Overall, the book is worth reading and captivating, if you are looking for an interesting read with ancient mysteries related to Apocalypse of 2012, this is one of the books I would suggest.

Happy Reading!!!

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