Monday, 8 May 2017

The Vampire Diaries .. (The Awakening) .. By L.J. Smith

The Awakening is the first novel of this supernatural teen drama book series by L.J. Smith. The story revolves around its three main protagonists; a human girl, Elena, who finds her heart torn between two vampire brothers, Stephen and Damon.

This series was released long before the Twilight saga of Stephenie Meyer and I have had very mixed opinions by different readers on both the series. And after reading both the sagas, I have my own personal slant on both. However, I am not going to make an elaborate comparison on the books, as one being one of my favorites. But truly speaking, this does feel like an influence for Twilight.

In my opinion, I didn't really enjoy reading Vampire Diaries and now completely understand why the story and the portrayal of the characters from the TV series have glaring differences from the book version, especially Elena's character from the book is immensely annoying and the story itself is rather dull compared to the show.

I hate to say this, but I would recommend you all to watch the television show instead of reading this series which turned out to be an absolute trash.

In the meantime, keep watching this space for my review on Twilight saga!

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