Monday, 19 June 2017

King Lear .. By William Shakespeare

King Lear is a tragic play written by the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare in the 17th century. I have often seen the film adaptation of this play, but reading it first hand was a completely different experience altogether.

The play is about an old King of Britain who decides to divide his realm among his three daughters and declares he will give the largest to the one who adores him the most. The two of his eldest daughters showers him with flattery, however, the youngest daughter, Cordelia bluntly refuses to declare her love saying there are no words to express or compare the love she holds for the king. This infuriates the king hugely and he decides to disinherit Cordelia and divide her share with his two eldest daughters. This disposition of King Lear's kingdom sets in motion lot of tragic consequences.

(King Lear mourns Cordelia's death)

King Lear is Shakespeare's one of the greatest tragic drama filled with incredibly violent catastrophes occurring to its dark and brooding characters. It represents the hunger for power and control; the evil inside a person and the madness of losing love or the trauma of finding something back that you hold dear. In the end, what matters is not survival, but one's personal principles. 

A fierce, uncompromising and intense play that is "best seen, not read", which holds true for every work of Shakespeare, especially the concluding scene that challenges the tears to shatter and achieve absolution. This combination of great story and superlative narration is what makes it a legend.

Happy Reading!!!

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