Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Dear John .. By Nicholas Sparks

This is my second review of Nicholas Sparks work and I am gonna say this again that he is one of the best romance writers of the 21st century and would admit that I enjoyed this novel thoroughly.

Sparks might not use fancy words or poetic contraptions while narrating, but the stories that he put forth never stop to astound me because the true exchange of emotion and passion is what we look forward to in a romantic novel anyway. I love the simplicity of his stories and the way it absorbs me the minute I start reading and not to mention its heart-numbing conclusions. 

Time for some rundown..

John is a tough guy with some rough childhood and rocky relationship with his father, which made him join the US army after high school. He meets and falls in love with Savannah while on holiday and promise himself to spend the rest of his life with her. But destiny had a different plan for them because he returns to find Savannah is married to another man, who is in dire need of her help and support. What follows is some unexpected turn of events which was both sorrowful and inspirational at the same time.

There was a film adaption of this book, which had some significant differences with the book; ending being the most crucial. Yet it turned out ok in either case which is a rare phenomenon in itself. 

I would recommend this book to all but especially to those who are looking for love stories that are not dull commonplace and twined with lovey-dovey lines, but some first-rate and convincing romance.

Happy Reading!!!

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