Monday, 10 July 2017

Last Man Standing .. By David Baldacci

Another Baldacci political thriller with an action-packed drama; secretive clue-findings and never ending plot twists and turns, which thoroughly fails to leave its mark on the reader. Unlike its Camel Club series, this book turned out to be a sour read throughout with too many cliched dialogues and average overall execution of the plot.

Here goes the synopsis -

An FBI agent Web London and his rescue team are sent down for a surprise attack on a drug dealer's lair. As they move with stealth precision towards the target, they are surprised to see a boy in the dark alley. When the kid sees them, he utters the queer words, "Damn to hell" and cackles. 

Uncharacteristically, this kid unnerves Web and when the Operations Center radios give the go ahead for the final move, Web freezes and fall down on his gun. At five seconds to impact, Web lays helpless as he watches the team proceed and then one by one fall to the ground, all dead in seconds. Ironically, Web is the only one alive. That is to say, he is the last man standing after this terrible ordeal.

He can't stand to bear the silent accusations of the family members of the deceased. So, he sets out to prove his innocence.

I enjoyed the story, however much I hated the longevity of it. The characters of the plot were justifiable, however, the plot itself was not very convincing. It took me too long to finish this book, which itself is unlike me, that I would literally place it under the boring category.

Baldacci novels usually have an exciting fast-paced thriller story to its credit, but this one felt more or less tragic life events of one particular character, which felt monotonous, not to mention disappointing. 

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