Wednesday, 4 October 2017

First Family .. By David Baldacci

One of the intense thrillers I read so far this year and it surely qualifies to be an exciting page-turner and Baldacci classics. It is another Michelle Maxwell and Sean King series of an adventure novel, who are ex-secret service agents and partners in an investigating agency. I absolutely adore these characters and enjoy reading their chemistry of problem-solving.

Sean and Michelle are called in once again to solve a dangerous situation and this time it involves the kidnapping of the first lady's niece, right from Camp David, the Presidential Retreat, which turns into a national security nightmare. There are multiple hurdles to overcome and to top it off, Michelle's mother is found murdered in her home and her father is the prime suspect.

Manipulation, deception, murder, and secrets make up the plot of this enthralling tale and on top of that, the story gets intricately woven into a mysteriously bold phenomenon, which is highly exciting and captivating. It is a clearly crafted work and one of Baldacci's best works.

I would recommend this book to a reader who is looking for an entertaining action-packed drama with some interesting plot-twists without too-confusing mystery.

Happy Reading!!!

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