Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Origin .. By Dan Brown

Another mind-boggling journey - this time in Spain, through this incredibly awesome book by my favorite author - Dan Brown. 

"Where Do We Come From?"
"Where Are We Going?"

Two of humanity's fundamental questions throughout millennia has been answered. Believe it or not ... the speculation concerning the origin of human beings has taken an interesting turn and what is more bizarre is the discovery of our future because where we come from is not nearly as startling as where we are going.

Yet again Dan Brown has left me speechless and proved it time and again that nothing could be more interesting than running around risking your life to break codes throughout historic cities to find the meaning of so wild a controversy that could alter the course of your life. 

What is the formula of an engrossing thriller to you? Is it Dan Brown's classic ingredients?

  • Robert Landon - Harward Symbologist
  • An exceptionally beautiful and intellectual woman to help him out!
  • Stalker Assassins
  • Powerful parties at work to destroy the world
  • Exotic cities
  • Historic Hero
  • Visiting unparalleled Cathedrals, Mosques or historic buildings to find inconspicuous meaning of famous arts
  • And finally coming face-to-face with the ultimate truth

The formula is right there in this extraordinary book, set in Spain's three beautiful cities - Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao. And talking about our historic hero will be like giving out more than that is necessary to the readers who has not yet started reading the book. But I would still like to give a hint by including the picture of the building below- Sagrada Familia, which is not so much as a major hint because it is already included on the cover of this book -

Take out some time to read this fabulous book because nothing is more fascinating than entering a world of Dan Brown that is so much like our world but only a hundred times more interesting.

"The Dark Religions are Departed and Sweet Science Reigns"

Happy Reading!!!

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