Saturday, 4 November 2017

A Mutiny In Time .. Infinity Ring # 1 .. By James Dashner

A truly adventurous children's novel about time travel - a concept that is not unfamiliar but has an altogether different level of obsession, especially among children.

This is a story about two kids, Dak and Sera, in the futuristic USA, which is controlled by a group called SQ. Dak is obsessed with history and Sera loves science. When they find their way into Dak's parents' lab, they end up making a discovery that could save the world, or if let into the wrong hands, worsen it further. With the help of the Hystorians and a techie boy named Riq, Dak and Sera must righten history and find Dak's missing parents.

I found the story has the perfect length for the age group it was written for and the way it was described was fascinating.

There was an unusual concept called "Remnants", that people experience in the story, which, from what I understood is something that occurs in the mind which is shadows of what should have happened instead of what is happening. Not sure if I understood that correctly or not, as I feel that it was not properly explained in the book. 

On the whole, the book was meant to be read by children, so from their point of view, it was very entertaining, but to us adults, it would seem a little predictable.

I am definitely going to go for book two of this series and will bring you the review of it soon as well.

Happy Reading!!!

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