Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Count of Monte Cristo .. By Alexander Dumas

One of the classic novels in the history of English Literature, The Count of Monte Cristo is adventurous in its crudest sense. A story of love and revenge with a bitter-romance drama from the times when Nepolean returned to power after his exile.

A young sailor, Edmond Dantes, when returns from his voyage to marry his beautiful fiancee - Mercedes, he is falsely accused of a crime by his supposed friend, who is also in love with his fiancee.

He is cast in prison for fourteen long years in the Chateau d'If, far out on an island. Dante is on the verge of suicide when he befriends a fellow prisoner, also known as the Abbe Faria (Mad Priest), who had dug an escape tunnel that ended up in Dantes' cell. On his deathbed, Faria tells Dantes about the location of a hidden treasure and when he dies, Dantes breaks through and takes his place in the burial sack that is thrown into the sea and is rescued by a smuggling ship that stops at Monte Cristo. 

Escaping from prison, Dantes finds the treasure, buys himself the title of Count and returns to France to put into effect his long-nurtured schemes of revenge.

Alexander Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers, has definitely created a literary masterpiece with this immense feat of writing an intricately plotted tale of vengeance. Even though the book is very long (1000+ pages), I never felt the need to put it down once. Engrossing at the highest level, it is a classic fusion of French Impressionism and English Romanticism.

I recommend this book to all, especially to them who are looking for a historical-classic fiction with a gripping tale that would hook you up till the end.

Happy Reading!!!

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