Friday, 5 January 2018

The Mahabharata Secret (The Mahabharata Quest # 1) .. By Christopher C. Doyle

Before the nuclear scientists, Vikram Singh is murdered at his home, he leaves a coded email trail for his nephew, Vijay. A quest that is 2300 years old, through the ruins of the time of Asoka, has to be pursued. While Vijay and his friends are set to decipher the riddles to save it from getting into the wrong hands, bad forces are at work to make things difficult for them.

The first book of the contemporary quest series is somewhat lame compared to the next novels from Christopher Doyle's Indian version of Da Vinci Code. He has literally tried very hard to make it as good and exciting. Although, it was not a completely failed attempt because even though it had a secret brotherhood, encrypted puzzles, historical codes, Intel Agency agents, conspiracy theories etc., all that I found rather too familiar, was nevertheless a good attempt in capturing a reader's interest. 

One thing that I liked the best was how the story kept its non-linear pace by moving back and forth in time, that could easily keep the readers on their toes. Its narration leading up to its climax was also unnerving and was the most driving unit of the book.

The part where the book fails to make its mark is its characterization. Especially, Vijay's relationship with Colin sounded really bogus. I found Imran's character to be a fair addition, but what disappointed me the most was that he was not the central protagonist of the plot. One other thing that bothered me was how the story shot at an unnatural speed and ended so soon. It had the potential to weigh the book with more content and explain the situations with deeper clarity.

Overall, I would say the book was mediocre but it didn't stop me to reach out for its sequel. And I am glad I did because it had drastically improved in its next version, of whose review, I am gonna post soon. 

Happy Reading!!!

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