Tuesday, 6 February 2018

August .. By Bernard Beckett

Trapped upside-down in a car wreck, bleeding and brooding over the past, Tristan and Grace are waiting for death, while reciting their stories to each other. 

Tristan is a philosopher, struggling with the idea of free will, while Grace lives a life that allows no place for such questions. How they came to be in a car together, balancing between life and death is a thought-provoking tale of loss and tragedy.

Well, do not expect it to be a tangled love story, as what the synopsis suggests. It is more about theology and complex characters trying to find their way to freedom. In my opinion, the book seemed little unremarkable, even though it had a profound message to spread, it had too much philosophical swaggering against too little plot.

If you are into insightful arguments about humanity and the nature of free will, I would recommend this book to you. For others, it might seem a little disappointing, if not disturbing.

Happy Reading!!!

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