Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Iron King .. By Maurice Druon

Let me present the book review of the first installment of the Accursed Kings series by French author Maurice Druon, which deals with France's Philip IV "The Fair" (1268-1314) and scandals of his reign. It is said that this book greatly inspired George R.R. Martin, who called it as "The Original Game of Thrones" which led to its stupendous publicity. It certainly covers the last days of Capetian dynasty, which has its fair share of murder, adultery, and conspiracy.

However, it is nothing like Game of Thrones, apart from its unbearably nasty politics or bloody-minded cruelty. Secondly, it cannot be called so much as a fiction, but a European history book. 

The writing was somewhat monotonous because of the dreary monologue and imaginary, non-engaging conversations. This might be because the book was written in the early 1950s and was not re-published until recently. However, I agree that the events that took place in the 14th century Europe that led to a 100-years of war between England and France are nothing short of fascinating.

The rival families of the French Capets and the English Plantagenets did have ambitious men and deceptive women that have the capability to create sheer drama in the novel and Druon has managed to infuse those with enough machinations and manipulations to make Littlefinger himself proud.

Well, the story that begun to unfold here is continued in the second installment, "The Strangled Queen", whose review I will bring to you shortly.

Happy Reading!!!

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