Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Treasure Island .. By Robert Louis Stevenson

A fine and widely known classic by Robert Stevenson is an absolute delight to a reader and one of my favorite childhood books, which no doubt inspired the adventure - movies like Goonies and Pirates of the Carribean

For those of you who are not familiar with the plot, here goes the shortest summary -

It tells the story of Jim Hawkings who assists in running an inn in England during the 18th century. One of the individuals who stay at his inn, Billy Bones, known as Captian Flint, a notorious pirate is visited by a former fellow crew member, Pew, who gives him a treasure map. When Bones opens the map, he sees a "Black Spot" that foretells bad luck and he drops dead of a stroke. Jim and his mother open his chest to get the amount due for Bones's lodging but before they could get the money, pirates arrive searching for the treasure map. Jim, who finds the treasure map, shares it with the local physician, who deduces the map of an island buried with a vast amount of treasure. The squire proposes buying a ship and going after the treasure. What follows is the treasure hunt that has so many hiccups than a sloop in a storm with enough action and humor to provision a lengthy voyage. 

It is a swashbuckling adventure where the stakes were high and the Gentlemen of Fortune weren't so gentle while seeking their fortune. Stevenson brings every character to life in a new and frightening way that always holds me captivated. The brilliance of the writing lies in the meticulous vagueness of his descriptions, allowing the reader to take the direction of their choosing, with the character's appearance. My personal favorite character is Long John Silver, who reminds me much of Jack Sparrow and his wickedness from the Curse of the Black Pearl

Treasure Island is a beloved tale for both the young and older readers alike. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .. Happy Reading!!!

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